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Energy Harvesting and Storage Device
Energy Harvesting and Storage Device
Triboelectric energy harvesting
Triboelectric effect has been recovered in 600 B.C. By using this effect, mechanical motion can be converted into electrical energy. Triboelectrification and electrostatic induction from the motion of contact/separation is main principle of triboelectric energy harvester.
Piezoelectric energy harvesting
Piezoelectricity means accumulating the electric charge in the piezoelectric material by exerting mechanical stress. Electrical energy is harvested by ambient pressure state of our surrounding environment.
Thermoelectric energy harvesting
From the difference of heat level, electrical energy is generated in that situation. This harvester uses the principle of Peltier-Seebeck effect which explains the conversion of thermal energy and electrical energy in PN junction.
The electrical energy generated by harvester needs to be reserved at energy storing device. Enhancing efficiency of charge-discharge performance contribute to supplying appropriate energy at wireless device.
Energy harvesting and storage technology will show great impact on small electronics, wearable devices, and wireless sensors which consume electricity lower than 2 W.
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