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Energy Harvesting,Carbon MEMS,Advanced Memory,Bio Device

Energy Harvesting

In recent years, electronic devices require sufficient energy source with technology development of smart phones, introduction of internet of things, and increasing demands of diverse sensors. Energy harvesting technology has been extensively developed for providing energy to wireless devices. This technology generates electricity from the mechanical or thermal energy in our living environment. For example, water drop, wind, sunlight, and human motion plays a role of energy source.

Bio Device

Our laboratory covers 'Nano-Biomedical Device' technology that combines nanotechnology, biotechnology and engineering. It is an important area to develop current medical technology by preventing diseases and developing treatments in new ways.

Advanced Memory

These days, non-volatile memories have developed like SSD (Solid State Drive) called NAND flash memory. However, we need such memory devices that did not be belonged to transistors and capacitors to obtain own performance of powerful processors. It means that a single device has to be a memory device. These non-volatile memories which could be operate without any transistors and capacitors are spotlighted by many researchers and our laboratory is also researching actively advanced memory devices.

Carbon MEMS

MEMS (microelectromechanical systems) are made up of components between 1 and 100 micrometers. Since fabrication scale is in micro to nano size, it needs deposition, lithography, etching to fabricate precisely. As the chip in electro device get smaller and needs to be faster, MEMS technology needs to be enhanced.