We do research on energy harvesting and storage device, advanced memory, carbon MEMS, and biomedical device to bring about an innovation in the academic work for changing the world.

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Recent Journals

Self-powered transparent and flexible touchpad based on triboelectricity towards artificial intelligence
Author : Jonghyeon Yun, Nagabandi Jayababu, and Daewon Kim
Journal : Nano Energy
Date : 2020-12

Antibacterial and Soluble Paper-Based Skin-Attachable Human Motion Sensor Using Triboelectricity
Author : Seungju Jo, Inkyum Kim, Nagabandi Jayababu, Hyeonhee Roh, Youngsu Kim, and Daewon Kim
Journal : ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering
Date : 2020-07

Levitating oscillator-based triboelectric nanogenerator for harvesting from rotational motion and sensing seismic oscillation
Author : Inkyum Kim, Yunseok Chae, Seungju Jo, and Daewon Kim
Journal : Nano Energy
Date : 2020-06