We do research on energy harvesting and storage device, advanced memory, carbon MEMS, and biomedical device to bring about an innovation in the academic work for changing the world.

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Recent Journals

Active pixel image sensor array based on large-scale ReS2 semiconducting film
Author : Yongsu Choi, A. Venkatesan, Anupom Devnath, Daewon Kim, and Seunghyun Lee*
Journal : Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing
Date : 2024-08

Enhancing power generation with a SnSe2-MXene composite in a piezo-triboelectric hybrid nanogenerator for autonomous energy applications
Author : Geunchul Kim, Jonghyeon Yun, and Daewon Kim*
Journal : Nano Energy
Date : 2024-07

Roly-poly Inspired Tribo-electromagnetic Energy Harvester towards Sustainable Ocean Energy Harvesting
Author : Jonghyeon Yun, Hyunwoo Cho, and Daewon Kim*
Journal : Nano Energy
Date : 2024-06