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Facile Hydrothermal Synthesis of NiMn2O4/C Nanostructures for Solid-State Asymmetric Supercapacitor and Electrocatalytic Oxygen Evolution Reaction

  • Submitted
  • Pragati T. Thonge, Suprimkumar D. Dhas, Shivaji D. Waghmare, Arvind H. Patil, Teja M. Patil, Manesh Yewale, and Daewon Kim*

Enhanced Electrochemical Performance of CTAB-Assisted Zn-Doped Perovskite NiMnO3 Nanocrystals on Reduced Graphene Oxide for Supercapacitor Applications

  • Submitted
  • Suprimkumar D. Dhas, Pragati N. Thonge, Avinash C. Mendhe, and Daewon Kim*

Synergistic Enhancement of Electrochemical Performance in NiFe2O4@Ni-MOF Nanoflakes Hybrids for High-Performance Energy Storage Applications

  • Submitted
  • Rabia Batool, Suprimkumar D. Dhas, Avinash C. Mendhe, Aqsa Ghazal, and Daewon Kim*

High-Performance Supercapacitor Electrodes: Hierarchical Integration of Bimetallic Structures Incorporating Silver and Copper Phosphates with a 3D Fernlike Stellar Dendritic Architecture

  • Submitted
  • Avinash C. Mendhe, Suprimkumar Dhas, Youngsu Kim, Rabia Batool, Aqsa Ghazal, and Daewon Kim*

High-Performance Battery-Supercapacitor Hybrid Device Based on NiCo2-xMnxO4@Ni-MOF Ternary Metal Oxide Core-Shell Structures

  • Submitted
  • Suprimkumar D. Dhas, Avinash C. Mendhe, Youngsu Kim, and Daewon Kim*

Facile synthesis of MnMoO4 nanorods arrays

  • Submitted
  • Saifan M. Shaikh, C. E. Patil, Uma Nerle, Neeta Mohite, P. P. Chikode, R. D. Kale, Suprimkumar D. Dhas, Daewon Kim*, S. S. Mahajan*

Active pixel image sensor

  • Submitted
  • Yongsu Choi, A. Venkatesan, Anupom Devnath, Daewon Kim, and Seunghyun Lee*

Arch-Cantilever Hybridized TENG Device for Real-Time Wireless Heart Rate Monitoring and Self-Diagnosis of Heart Diseases

  • Submitted
  • Hyunwoo Cho, Hyunung Lee, Jiwon Jung, and Daewon Kim*

Maximizing energy harvesting with SnSe2 and MXene in piezo-triboelectric hybrid nanogenerator

  • Submitted
  • Geunchul Kim and Daewon Kim*

Empowering safe drives: A synergistic approach to real-time driver monitoring through triboelectric energy harvesting and intelligent deep transfer learning

  • Submitted
  • Hyunwoo Cho and Daewon Kim*