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Double-Layered Electrode Effect: A promising way to Improve the Performance of Symmetric Supercapacitor

  • Submitted
  • Seungju Jo, Nagabandi Jayababu, and Daewon Kim

Self-Powered Transparent and Flexible Touchpad based on Triboelectricity towards Artificial Intelligence

  • Submitted
  • Jonghyeon Yun, Seungju Jo, Nagabandi Jayababu, and Daewon Kim

Air-gap embedded triboelectric nanogenerator via surface modification of non-contact layer using sandpapers

  • Submitted
  • Hyeonhee Roh, Wontae Choi, and Daewon Kim

NiO decorated CNT/ZnO core-shell hybrid nanocomposites for high performance supercapacitor with ultrahigh cycling stability

  • Submitted
  • Nagabandi Jayababu, Seungju Jo, Youngsu Kim, and Daewon Kim

Hybridized generator: freely movable ferromagnetic nanoparticle-embedded balls for a self-powered tilting sensor

  • Submitted
  • Su Thiri San, Seungju Jo, Nagabandi Jayababu, Youngsu Kim, Inkyum Kim, and Daewon Kim

Performance-Enhanced Triboelectric Nanogenerator Based on the Double-Layered Electrode Effect

  • Submitted
  • Seungju Jo, Inkyum Kim, Nagabandi Jayababu, and Daewon Kim

Boosting power performance of a hybrid nanogenerator via frictional heat combining a triboelectricity and thermoelectricity towards smart sensors

  • Submitted
  • Seungju Jo, Junmoo Byun, Inkyum Kim, Nagabandi Jayababu, and Daewon Kim

Low thermal-activated energy harvesting engine operated by tribo-electromagnetic induction

  • Submitted
  • Hyeonhee Roh, Inkyum Kim, and Daewon Kim

Antibacterial and soluble paper-based skin-attachable human motion sensor using triboelectricity

JCR < 10%

  • ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering
  • Seungju Jo, Inkyum Kim, Nagabandu Jayababu, Hyeonhee Roh, Youngsu Kim, and Daewon Kim

  • Accepted

Levitating oscillator-based triboelectric nanogenerator for harvesting from rotational motion and sensing seismic oscillation [Link]

IF = 15.548
JCR < 5%

  • Nano Energy
  • Inkyum Kim, Yunseok Chae, Seungju Jo, and Daewon Kim
  • 2020-06
  • Volume : 72 / Issue : / Page : 104674