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Liquid-metal embedded sponge-typed triboelectric nanogenerator for omnidirectionally detectable self-powered motion sensor

  • Submitted
  • Jihyeon Park and Daewon Kim

A high output performance film-sponge coupling triboelectric nanogenerator by enlarging contact area with laser carved PI film and nylon@Ecoflex sponge

  • Submitted
  • Hyunwoo Cho, Seungju Jo, Dongwoo Lee, Inkyum Kim, and Daewon Kim

Facile Paint Spray-Coated Rough Surface based on Triboelectricity towards Smart Traffic System and Security Application

  • Submitted
  • Jonghyeon Yun, Inkyum Kim, Minji Ryoo, and Daewon Kim

Oscillating charge pump-based hybrid generator with triboelectric nanogenerator and electromagnetic generator for harvesting vertical vibration energy

  • Submitted
  • Inkyum Kim and Daewon Kim

3D printed double rollers triboelectric nanogenerator for blue energy harvesting

  • Submitted
  • Inkyum Kim and Daewon Kim

Lever-based triboelectric nanogenerator for sensing lateral vibration and wrist bend for controlling shooting game

  • Submitted
  • Inkyum Kim and Daewon Kim

A Waterproof Solid-Liquid Triboelectric Nanogenerator Based on Hybrid Composition of Carbon Black and Polymer for Blue Energy Harvesting

  • Submitted
  • Nay Yee Win Zaw, Youngsu Kim, and Daewon Kim

Hybrid Harvester with the combination of TENG and TEG and self-powered rust removal electrolysis

  • Submitted
  • Su Thiri San, Youngsu Kim, and Daewon Kim

The Wearable Flexible Unified Harvesting Module with Solar, Raindrop, and Mechanical Energy for Weather and Health Monitoring Sensors

  • Submitted
  • Taegoon Lee, and Daewon Kim

Low thermal-activated energy harvesting engine operated by tribo-electromagnetic induction

  • Submitted
  • Hyeonhee Roh, Inkyum Kim, and Daewon Kim