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Join NED


We are building an interdisciplinary team of engineers and scientists who are interested in electrical engineering to develop practical solutions to pressing societal problems. 


In here, we mainly research on energy harvesting and storage device, advanced memory, carbon MEMs and biomedical device to bring about an innovation in the academic work for changing the world


We seek to work with our group members to help them develop the scientific and communication skills they need to become leaders in academia and industry. 


We provide training in all aspects through group meetings, individual meetings, and a supportive lab environment.


Applicants with backgrounds in Energy harvesting, Memory device, Electrical Engineering and related subjects are encouraged to apply.



- Graduate Students: 

Students admitted to Kyung Hee University are welcome to setup a meeting to discuss research interests and potential projects.


- Postdocs: 

Please send an e-mail with your resume, three journal articles you have published, career goals, and projects in the NED Lab. that may interest you. Please include [Postdoc_Applicant] in the subject line of your e-mail.



Please contact the e-mail (daewon@khu.ac.kr) directly about volunteering in the lab.


We look forward to staying connected with you!



이전글 [2018.09.23] Website is opened!
다음글 [2018.10.06] NED has been selected for the Basic Science Research Program ​through the NRF.
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